DBPPAA ( Devi Balika Past Pupils Association Australia Inc. was established in February, 2012 in view of forming fellowship amongst past students of Devi Balika, who are living in Australia.

Being a very young association, DBPPAA has successfully conducted a variety of social events in Melbourne, Australia to keep the interaction among the membership. These events comprise the annual Dinner Dance, Alms Giving and the annual BBQ for the members and their families.

During these events, some enthusiastic members have shown interest in supporting current students of the school. In line of this, a scholarship fund has been established aiming to support needy students in the GCE Advanced Level classes. We have managed to raise funds for a few scholarships within last two years from the profits gained by the annual “Devi Dinner Dance”.

The Association hopes to grow with the membership and broaden the social activities in order to foster a sense of community among our old girls living in Australia and to raise more money for the Devi Scholarship Fund in the future.

(Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Devi-Balika-Past-Pupils-Association-AustraliaInc)