Get-together of past and current committees of PPA and JPPA  – The annual get together of the PPA and JPPA committees was held at the school premises on 20th July 2017 from 5.00pm onwards. Both the past and newly appointed committee members participated for this event. The newly appointed Deputy President of the PPA, Dr. Saroja Wettasinghe, welcomed the participants and thanked the past committee for the excellent job they have done throughout the past year. She specially thanked Prof. Preethi Udagama for the immense support she has given to the committee while being the Deputy President for that year. Prof. Preethi Udagama spoke about the projects undertaken during the period when she served as the Deputy President, especially about the modernization project of the PPA room into a mini-conference room. She thanked both PPA and JPPA committees for success of all projects conducted. The gathering concluded with well wishes for the new committees on their future plans.

 Annual General Meeting 2017 – The Annual General Meeting of the PPA was held at Dr Wimala de Silva Auditorium on 25th June 2017, with the Principal Mrs W D P K Samarasinghe chairing as the President. Former principals, teachers and past pupils attended the meeting. The following members were appointed to the Executive Committee 2017/2018: Dr Saroja Wettasinghe (Deputy President), Dr. Shanthi Gunawardana (Vice President II), Ms Yashoda de Silva (Assistant Secretary),  Ms Yamuna Hettiarachchi &  Ms Anoma Bodaragama (Over 50 committee members), Ms Thakshila Kariyawasam (30- 40 committee member), and Ms Shehani Pigera (20-30 committee member /JPPA).

නේවාසිකාගාර වාර්ෂික වරු පිරිත් පිංකම - නේවාසිකාගාර වාර්ෂික වරු පිරිත් පිංකම මෙවර 2017 මැයි 20, 21 යන දෙදින තුළදී සාර්ථකව පවත්වනු ලැබිණ. මෙය සාර්ථක කර ගැනීමෙහි ලා අත හිත දුන් විදුහල්පතිතුමියටත්, නාලිනී සිරිවර්ධන මහත්මිය ඇතුළු නේවාසිකාගාර කාර්ය මණ්ඩලයටත් ,  වජිරා පන්ඩිතසේකර ගුරු මහත්මියටත් මෙහි මුලිකත්වය ගෙන කටයුතු කල ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය සංගමයේ සොයුරියන්ටත් නන් අයුරින් සහය දුන් සියලුම ආදී ශිෂ්‍යාවන්ටත් ස්තුති පුර්වක කෘතඥතාව  පිරිනමමු.

Annual Trip - The PPA Annual Trip took place on 29th April 2017. About 25 PPA members, with their families, visited ‘Diya-ulpatha – The tea garden Resort’ located in Mathugama. Everyone enjoyed the natural beauty, pleasant breezes, swimming pool, and the nice food. On the way, we visited ‘Richmond Hill Castle’, a historical mansion located in Palathota, close to Kaluthara town. We thank the past Devian, Ms.  Tharangani Keenavinna Dissanayaka the first female Public Trustee for arranging this opportunity.

Teachers’ Seminar - The Annual Teachers’ Seminar organized by the PPA under the guidance of the Principal, Mrs. W.D.P.K. Samarasinghe, was successfully held on 1st March 2017.  Mr. B. Sanath Poojitha, Deputy Director General (Faculty of Research, Planning and Development) of National Institute of Education, conducted the main session of the program. Ms. Udari Withanage, a Career Advisor from the Career Guidance Unit, University of Colombo, too, contributed as a resource person.